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Electrical Engineering

L & D Company is an electrical engineering firm that provides its clients superior system designs – specializing in the electrical design of healthcare and commercial buildings, including new, remodel and expansion projects. We create innovative, cost effective solutions to the most complex requirements within a team oriented environment. We are dedicated to providing a professional, high quality product that is economically responsible and at the leading edge of technology.



L & D Company we will offer our clients more than a high quality, reliable engineering design. In this dynamic, fast paced industry, we differentiate ourselves by bringing a high level of practical experience, exemplary client service, perfect integrity and complete accountability through every phase of the project. We believe that success at any level stems from a team based approach that relies on a working environment of constant process evaluation and improvement which enables us to produce the best designs possible. We approach each project we work on as an opportunity to differentiate ourselves from our competition. Our success is entirely dependent on understanding what the owner needs in their facility and providing a working solution to accomplished that. This can only be achieved by working closely with the owner and opening the lines of communication, asking the right questions, and listening to their needs.